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Repair Partially discharged battery for Blackberry Storm 9500


Blackberry Storm 9500 Engine cranks slowly on the starter and gradually slows to a stop.
Blackberry Storm 9500 Probable fault:

Blackberry Storm 9500 Partially discharged battery; not enough power left to start the engine.
Blackberry Storm 9500 Other simple symptoms to look for:
Watch the dashboard lights while cranking. If they dim, but don't go out completely when the key is turned, it confirms a partially discharged battery.

Possible cause:

The Blackberry Storm 9500 most common causes are lights accidentally left on or an interior light left on, which is often due to a faulty door switch.

Self help tips:

Go through all the switches and controls and make sure everything is turned off, wait 15 minutes and try again. A Blackberry Storm 9500 battery in good condition may recover enough to start the engine. Driving the car for an hour or so in daylight may recharge the battery.

If the problem persists then please contact us for Blackberry Storm 9500 professional advice.


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