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Repair LCD/display problems for Nokia E63

I want a quote for the repair of my E63

Other Nokia E63 faults

Nokia E63 Battery cover
Nokia E63 No power
Nokia E63 Charging / USB connector
Nokia E63 Faulty starter
Nokia E63 Controller problem
Nokia E63 Microphone issues
Nokia E63 Other problems? BOOK IT IN FOR AN INSPECTION
Nokia E63 Sad face :(
Nokia E63 No picture (but LCD screen is not physically damaged)
Nokia E63 3 Red Ligths
Nokia E63 Screen lens
Nokia E63 HDMI Faults
Nokia E63 Home Button Problems
Nokia E63 Camera not working
Nokia E63 TouchScreen Lens Replacement (external)
Nokia E63 Not reading games Laser Replacement
Nokia E63 Top LCD screen is broken or cracked
Nokia E63 Dead Boot Repair
Nokia E63 LCD broken / No display
Nokia E63 Completely flat battery

Onsite service:

Timing belt
Fuel problem
Slipping alternator drive belt
Faulty starter
Immobiliser, flooded engine or ignition problem
Completely flat battery
Partially discharged battery
JTAG Service
Dead Boot Repair
Mobile Security
Microphone issues
Microphone faults
Liquid damage
Reading problems
HardDisk failure
Camera not working
Complete housing replacement
Broken into 2 pieces - top lcd screen and casing replacement
Charging Connector problems - Not charging
Broken hinge - Housing/Casing Replacement
Touchscreen Not responding
Bottom LCD screen is broken/cracked
Top LCD screen is broken or cracked
No picture (but LCD screen is not physically damaged)
3 Red Ligths
HDMI Faults
Not reading games Laser Replacement
Yellow Light Problems
Controller problem
Freezing during game play
Freezing on startup
No sound
No picture
Not reading games
Button Analogic Problems
Button Problems
No power
Broken Screen

Trackpad Replacement
Battery replacement
LCD broken / No display
Power connector faults
Headphone Socket
No power
Dock connector
Software problem
Home Button Problems
Volume Button Problems
Power Button Problem
Jailbreaking and Activation - Ready for 3rd Party Apps
Other - Not Sure ? (not listed)
TouchScreen Lens Replacement (external)
LCD replacement
Front casing
Rear casing
Complete Housing
Click Wheel problem
Sad face :(
Screen lens
Glass screen
Charging / USB connector
Trackball scoller problem
Keypad problems
Front housing
Battery cover
Front housing / keypads
Power problems
AC adapter socket / Power socket / Charging socket
Memory problems
Broken Screen
No power
Button Problems
Button Analogic Problems
Not reading games

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