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Repair LCD broken / No display for Nokia Nokia 101


If your Nokia Nokia 101 Unit LCD screen is broken or cracked and on the outside is completely intact but the inside looks like a smashed pain glass or if you can`t see anything on the screen, but you can hear sound from the speaker then you will require a complete screen replacement. Sending the unit to our experts, the repair will include replacing the broken part with a brand new genuine LCD to bring your unit back to perfect working order.

What can cause the problem?

The Nokia Nokia 101  unit was dropped or smashed.
Tapping the screen too hard.
The Nokia Nokia 101  Unit got liquid damage.

What we can do?

We will inspect and repair your Nokia Nokia 101  unit.
We will replace the broken parts only with brand new genuine ones, otherwise indicated graded parts.

How long it would take?

While you wait services for: LCD Replacement, Charging connector and other faults.
The repairs will take up to 24 Hours, if will be longer than that you will be notified by email.

If you are looking to do an  Nokia Nokia 101 repair yourself then you will need to buy quality parts, unfortunately there are a lot of cheap imitation parts that you can buy online and they simply do not work! We only stock quality parts in our store of the highest quality so you can buy with confidence from UK Repair Service.

UK Repair  Service also offer comprehensive video tutorials on how to disassemble and repair the Nokia Nokia 101 lcd so if you are looking to conduct a repair yourself we can help you by showing how to do it like a professional.

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UK Repair  Service can conduct the following repairs

  • Nokia Nokia 101 Front Glass Digitizer Replacement
  • Nokia Nokia 101 Full LCD Replacement
  • Nokia Nokia 101 Microphone Replacement
  • Nokia Nokia 101 Speaker Replacement
  • Nokia Nokia 101 Liquid Damage
  • Nokia Nokia 101 Charging Block Repair
  • Nokia Nokia 101 Soldering and component replacementy
  • Nokia Nokia 101 PCB Board Rebuild and any other Faults


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