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Laptop Sony Repair, Repairs for Laptop Sony

Sony repairs
Is your Sony broken?
Don't worry, most of Sony can be repaired at low costs.
We can fix the following problems:
Battery replacement
LCD broken / No display
Power connector faults
Headphone Socket
No power
Dock connector
Software problem
Home Button Problems
Volume Button Problems
Power Button Problem
Jailbreaking and Activation - Ready for 3rd Party Apps
Other - Not Sure ? (not listed)
TouchScreen Lens Replacement (external)
LCD replacement
Front casing
Rear casing
Complete Housing
Click Wheel problem
Sad face :(
Screen lens
Glass screen
Charging / USB connector
Trackball scoller problem
Keypad problems
Front housing
Battery cover
Front housing / keypads
Power problems
AC adapter socket / Power socket / Charging socket
Memory problems
Broken Screen
No power
Button Problems
Button Analogic Problems
Not reading games
No picture
No sound
Freezing on startup
Freezing during game play
Controller problem
Not reading games Laser Replacement
HDMI Faults
No picture (but LCD screen is not physically damaged)
Top LCD screen is broken or cracked
Touchscreen Not responding
Broken hinge - Housing/Casing Replacement
Charging Connector problems - Not charging
Broken into 2 pieces - top lcd screen and casing replacement
Complete housing replacement
Camera not working
HardDisk failure
Reading problems
Liquid damage
Microphone faults
Microphone issues
Mobile Security
Dead Boot Repair
JTAG Service
Hard Reset

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Sony Repair

After many years we have established ourselves as one of the UK’s most knowledgeable and prime Sony Vaio laptop repairer’s. Despite Sony Vaio reliability, being a Sony Vaio laptop repair specialist, Sony now forms the majority of our business.

  • Many of our competitors experience difficulties with Sony Vaio repairs, others avoid Sony completely. This is because…
  • Parts are difficult to source, on a long lead time, or worse completely unavailable.
  • Confined space, and expensive components, means further damage can be caused.
  • Incorrect expensive repairs performed, due to being unaware of known faults.
  • Other difficulties due to inexperience and lack of familiarity…

We have deliberately tackled these issues and turned them to our advantage…

Sony Vaio laptop spare parts are not always available through distribution channels, so we keep one of the UK’s largest Sony Vaio laptop spare parts catalogues in stock. To maintain, and improve, availability of parts which are no longer manufactured, rare, or out of stock, we constantly buy broken, and working, Sony Vaio laptops.

Sony Vaio’s have a lot of quality components carefully fitted into the most compact space possible. Because of our extensive specialist Sony Vaio laptop repair product knowledge we are able to professionally complete repairs with skill, enthusiasm, and job satisfaction, without causing further damage, to good working parts.

One example of this, in a minefield of many, is an expensive cable harness set, which, if not handled with precision, or when dislodged, is always fatally damaged.

Because we know Sony so well, we are already familiar with, or have access to, information on known faults, helping to keep repair costs to a minimum. We at Laptop Specialists all use Sony Vaio laptops.

Knowing what faults to look for, means we are often able to repair motherboards, and other expensive items, at component level. So, in the first instance we use our extensive Sony Vaio experience of repairing, not replacing, expensive motherboards, and other major components. Only if we cannot repair the part, do we consider replacement. This practice often saves the cost of replacing expensive components.

We are unable to guarantee your repair time, but 90% of repairs are completed within 24hrs of instruction.

Whether your Sony laptop is suffering from a faulty screen display or simply crashes regularly for no apparent reason you can be rest assured that our technicians will get to the root of the problem in under 24 hours and give you a full diagnostic report detailing the results of our exhaustive tests alongside a list of what needs to be done to repair your computer before seeking your approval to carry out the work that needs to be done in order to restore your system to its fully working condition. We are experts when it comes to Sony laptop repair and are fully qualified to carry out Sony laptop lcd screen repair, power supply repairs and motherboard repair work. At Laptop Specialists we offer a same day collection service and we aim to return your Sony laptop within two to five days depending on the precise nature of the repair work which needs to be undertaken and we will also clean your laptop free of charge during the process.

All our Sony Vaio laptops repairs are of a high quality, and warrantied.

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